Mirrors Edge eview (conversation)

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Mirrors Edge eview (conversation)

Post by Gaara on Wed Jan 07, 2009 5:22 pm

I think this game looks amazing and looks like so much fun, although from the looks of the demo a lot of people started to lose hope. But I still think it's worth the time and money. It looks amazing and it's exactly what I've been waiting for for years, a new, GOOD, freerunning game. And of course the developers, EA DICE were kind enough to throw in some other stuff to make the game just that much better. The colours are cool and of course the graphics are awesome. And who wouldnt want to run around on rooftops, jump, vault, swing. Its so exciting. I haven't played it myself yet simply because I just dont have any money at the moment. But I'm so hyped to get myy hands on this. I still haven't even downloaded the demo :O My dad is having some problems unlocking the network so he better hurry up Anyways I also heard that, since this game is first person, you can actually feel the thrill of doing everything and they do it so realistically.

Ive got the game and its good but not without its flaws. Its a great idea and respect the fact that they tried something new with it. For the most part its a great game and feels pretty solid. However some issues prevent it from being the classic it could have been. Sometimes the fast pace of the game can actually hinder it somewhat as the engine sometimes refuses to behave how you want it to. Some parts you might find yourself missing a ledge when Faith should be able to grab it easily or sometimes she just does the wrong thing at the wrong time. Also sometimes even with runner vision on it can be unclear where to go or unclear how to get to that point. You dont really have time to stop and assess the surroundings either. The combat is also pretty touch and go, you can pull off some nice disarms and techniques but sometimes it just doesnt want to work properly and can be frustrating.

Yeah i know what you mean how the engine sometimes doesn't work the way you want, sometimes a slight movement you want to make that might sometimes end you up dead or going down a wrong path. But I guess If you are really into it, like my friend was, you could die 15 times in a level on that game and it would still be fun. There are 15 different paths after all. A lot of other games I ended up getting really angry or frustrated with because I couldn't win the race, beat the boss, time my jump bu I think EA DICE really nailed that factor with this game which is great. another thing that might get frustrating though is the speed and how you have to gain your speed. If you hit a wall. You stop. Having to regain your speed and you might not be able to make it over to that next jump. The combat definately has it's flaws so I've heard, like you said, it's pretty touch and go and there are some ice disarm moves which is nothing but true but, some people I have talked to find it very repetitive and boring especially if they want to get that achievement and not pick up a gun for the whole game... Another thing you said about how its hard to know where to go some times, I mean i still haven't even played the demo (but its downloading!) so I haven't experienced that first hand but i was listening to the podcast "The Totally Rad Show" which is a podcast where they just talk about new technology, video games and movies, and one episode they talked about Mirrors Edge and one of the hosts said the same thing, and he said thet there sound be MORE red in the game. Hm well I can talk about this game for much longer but I can't think of what else to say... XD

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